truffle parties

We will post the Autumn 2014 schedule here in mid-August.


Catering to popular demand, we've made two fun changes:

We've opened up the booking process
You no longer have to reserve the entire room with you and nine friends.  Starting with our new schedule, you can register just yourself, or a couple, or any size group up to 10.  Each party will have four to ten participants.

Added afternoon parties
We will be holding afternoon parties on Mondays at 2pm.  The evening parties will be held on Thursdays at 7pm.


Do you really want to be locked inside
a chocolate shop with unlimited samples?


You enter the chocolate shop, the door is locked, and the sampling of chocolate begins.

While you're making truffles, you pause occasionally to sample more chocolates, learn about the history of chocolate, then sample more chocolate.

You leave the shop with the big bag of truffles you made yourself, lots of chocolate knowledge, and a belly-full of chocolate.


Price: $40/person

Days & Times: Mondays at 2pm and Thursdays at 7pm (check back on this webpage for the new Autumn 2014 schedule.)

Duration:  no set time -- usually around 90 minutes

Maximum number of participants: TEN
Minimum number of participants: FOUR*
(*see note at bottom of page)

Location:  at the chocolate shop - 2130 Robinson - west across the street from 13th Ave Safeway

Parking:  free street parking out front and throughout our Cathedral Village neighbourhood

Fun stuff and some rules:
- the shop is always a cool 18 degrees or lower -- bring an extra shirt or sweater;
- no baking or chocolate-making experience necessary; this is more of a tasting party than a class -- do not expect to learn in-depth chocolate-making techniques;
- outside food or drinks can be brought in but none can have a strong smell as chocolate absorbs odours; same goes with perfume and hair products -- please keep subtle;
- everyone will be standing for the full duration;
- chocolate easily washes out of most clothing but avoid wearing white;
- be sure your cell phones & cameras are fully charged as you'll want photos of your friends with chocolate faces.

Allergy Alert:
No person with any type of food allergy -- nut, dairy, wheat, soy -- is permitted to attend a truffle party. No exceptions. You will be asked to sign a declaration stating you have no food allergies.

Cancellation Policy:
- if you contact us more than 24 hours ahead of your scheduled party, you will receive a full refund.

- if you contact us less than 24 hours ahead of your scheduled party, you will not receive a refund but will receive a full credit on a future truffle party (transferable to anyone.)
- to cancel, email us at or call us at 306-546-2462 (voicemail 24/7.) 

Special Requests?
Write in the white box before you click the CHECKOUT button or email us at

* if less than 4 participants are registered 24 hours prior to the party, it will be cancelled and the registrants will be contacted to be given a 50% discount on any future truffle party.